Solar Panels, Inverters, and LED

Solar Panels

Polar Battery’s Canadian sourced solar panels provide outstanding electrical performance under high temperature and weak light environments.  Sourced from Canada and made  with quality silicon material, these panels undergo rigorous quality control to meet the highest international standards.

solar farmhouse

LED Bulbs


Zenaro LED bulbs are what you’ve been waiting for in the LED revolution.  These solidly built Energy-Star compliant bulbs are omni-directional, stay cool, and come in a wide range of brightness levels.  You will have a choice of  dimmable or non-dimmable, in all the different shapes and sizes that you’ll ever need to light up your building, office or home.


No need to have emergency lights taking up your electrical sockets.  Maxell Emergency Protector Bulbs are bright enough for your reading lamp, hallways and garage.  It’s built-in Lithium-ion battery allows you to keep your lights on for as much as 4 hours after losing power and recharges when power comes back .  Very low power consumption LED (6W) and 30,000 hours of use (25+ year lifetime).


With a wide range of power needs there comes a wide range of solutions.  We are dedicated to keep the highest quality inverters and inverter/chargers on the shelves so that your power needs are met right the first time.

With more and more high end technology being used on the go and in escape properties, pure sine wave inverters are in high demand.  Talk with the experts at Polar Battery and we will happily guide you to the inverter you need.

This is not a solar panel
Puresine 1000W samlex